Thursday, July 16

Therapy Innovations replaces the Hydrocollator with Smart Heat!

According to current research, true therapeutic temperatures range between 104F to 114F. This precise range can not be achieved with today’s heat modality systems. The new Smart Heat System is a technologically advanced heat therapy system that is designed to be safer, cleaner, and more efficient. The system allows the practitioner to select from 3 different heat settings, all in the true therapy range, resulting in a safer and more efficient heat modality reducing the chance for tissue damage. With 4 different therapy packs and a waterless system, Smart Heat is cleaner and safer to use, resulting in less maintenance than traditional heat systems. According to the company the system heats up in 18 minutes and packs reheat in less than 7 minutes after a typical treatment, eliminating the need to run the 24/7.


Welcome to Therapy Innovations blog site. This is our first social site for the company and myself so bear with us as I try and figure this out. Therapy Innovations is a medical device manufacturer specialising in sport medicine products. We would like use this site to expand our involvement with the community and promote healthy living.

As the companies president I find little time to practice Athletic Training, although I am still certified. I wanted to create this site to continue to do what I love most, talk shop (injuries and rehab). My goal for this site is to share our knowledge of sports medicine and health with the weekend warriors as well as the actively obsessed. I would like to post articles discussing injury prevention and rehab issues that we all commonly face, as well as an Q and A section.

We are looking forward to the possibilities and opportunities this site can create!