Wednesday, December 1

Home Use Therapy Pads

Therapy Innovations is getting ready to launch it's Home Use Product line. Now you will be able to get the same professional quality therapy products in the comfort of your own home! These therapy pads are the same high quality Smart Heat Systems at an affordable price.

Excellent for low back pain, arthritis, sore and stiff muscles, menstrual cramps, and a variety of muscular ailments. This syst
em provides safe, accurate, easy to use heat therapy.
  • Simply plug the pad into the wall and let charge for 8-10min.
  • Unplug the pad and take it anywhere to enjoy soothing heat therapy.
  • Because the product is not plugged in during use, you can use it on the couch, in bed, and even take it in the car with you!!
Check out the website for all the details. Home Use Therapy Pads

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